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UIF – Unemployment Insurance Fund. What is UIF? What is the purpose of UIF? How much is contributed to UIF? How to declare UIF? Who can claim UIF? Who cannot claim UIF? How long can I claim UIF? How to claim UIF? Claim UIF online? Login and claim UIF online ufiling.

The job interview is one of the most important steps in your job search journey, this is your chance as a job seeker to show the hiring manager or recruitment company that you are the right person for the job. Knowing how to prepare for a job interview is a vital step in your job search journey.

The world is moving to digital, digital marketers need to enhance their skills and stay up to date with current trends and ensure that they are driving targeted traffic to the desired destination. Kontak Recruitment has put together a short list of list of free online digital marketing courses for digital marketers to boost your digital marketing skills, career and enhance your CV.

Unfair dismissal and unfair labour practice: Understanding what a dismissal is, what unfair labour practice is, when a dismissal is considered automatically unfair, when a dismissal is fair and what substantive and procedural fairness is during dismissal.

Sick Leave - How much sick leave is an employee entitled to, when do you have to provide a medical certificate and what happens when medical certificates are obtained under false circumstances. Do you have to provide a medical certificate if you take sick leave on a Monday and Friday or the day before or after a public holiday?

The purpose of the CCMA is to mediate between the disputing parties or groups (the employees and employers) and intervene in the dispute in an attempt to resolve the dispute. If the dispute still remains unresolved a Commissioner of the CCMA is then to hear and determine the dispute and attempt to settle the differences between the parties.

Maternity leave is the period of time when an expecting mother takes off work and stops working to have and care for her new born baby, when do you have to let your employer know you are pregnant, how much maternity leave are you entitled to and how do you claim for maternity benefits.

A Cover letter provides you with an opportunity to introduce yourself to the company or organisation. A cover letter is your chance to show your interest in the company or a specific vacancy, draw attention to your CV and to motivate the potential employer or recruiter to interview you.

Employers and recruiters are hiring online. Brand yourself online to secure a job. Display your resume, search for jobs and enhance your professional reputation by posting updates. Describe or summarize your professional background, educational history, skill set and your achievements.

The Labour Relations Act is put in place to protect everyone in the workplace. The Act applies to workers, employers and trade unions and aims to protect their rights within the workplace. Download a copy here.

The Basic Conditions of Employment Act is put in place to ensure the right to fair labour practices for employers and employees in South Africa. The Act form part of every contact of employment in South Africa and represents the minimum standards. Download a copy here.

A list of the top 100% free online CV builders. Create a free and perfect CV online with ease. Build a competitive CV online with no design skills needed. Your CV is the first and most important step towards your sought after new position. Kontak Recruitment has created a list of free online CV builders and creators to assist you in your job search.

A step by step guide on how to go about finding a job. This guide has been developed to help job seekers to effectively prepare, sourcing and apply for jobs in South Africa. Covering topics including your as a brand, social media, CV's and cover letters, sourcing jobs, how to apply for a job, following up, avoiding job scams and reasons for rejection.

A restraint of trade is specifically designed to protect the interests of the employer, they put this agreement in place to protect their customer relationships and intellectual property. The restraint of trade clause prohibits an employee from engaging with direct competitors or from competing with the business of the employer for a specific time period and within a certain geographical area after the employment contract has been terminated.

A notice period is the amount of notice an employee has to give their employer before resigning. It is also the amount of notice an employer needs to give an employee before the termination of their employment contract. How much notice must you give your employer and what is the difference between a 30 day notice period and a calendar month notice period.

A constructive dismissal is defined as a situation in the work place, which has been created by the employer, and which renders the continuation of the employment relationship intolerable for the employee to such an extent that the employee has no other option to resign.

A recruitment agency is a sourcing company that partners with employers to aid in the assistance of recruiting of talent to fill particular roles available within their organisation. The most common misconception about recruitment agencies by job seekers is that a recruitment agency finds work for a job seekers and this is not the case.

It is completely illegal for a recruitment agency to charge a fee for registration or for finding employment, should you come across any agency charging these fees you should report them to the nearest Department of labour office.

With the unemployment rate at almost 30% in South Africa according to Stats SA, the South African economy has shed 2,2 million jobs in the second quarter of 2020. The importance of a well -structured and accurate CV must not be underestimated. Your CV is a marketing document and presentation is key.

Steer clear of adverts or interviews requiring payment. The law in South Africa states that no agency or employer may charge a job seeker to apply or find a job. No legitimate recruiter will charge you to apply or register with their company. See tips on how to spot job scams.

Tired of job hunting and job search fatigue indicators. When you fell yourself becoming overwhelmed with your job search, take a step back and take some time to re-evaluate. Identify what the barriers are, start with your CV. Is your CV marketing your skills effectively? Are you applying for positions for which you meet the minimum requirements and does your CV reflect this? Do you need to up-skill yourself to secure the position you want?

One of the factors to consider when job hunting is your CV. CV formats vary widely from country to country, if you want your job application to be taken seriously, your CV needs to follow the right layout.

According to attorneys employees often do not read or understand the terms of their employment contracts before accepting resulting in them wanting to lay a grievance against an employer. An employment contract should be read in its entirely before being accepted. It is important to understand who is considered an employee and what the difference is between permanent, fixed term and an independent contractor.

Recruitment is the process of identifying, attracting, interviewing, selecting, hiring and on-boarding employees. Recruitment is finding staff for open job vacancies, it is a step in building a company's human capital by recruiting and hiring employees.  Recruitment involves finding and hiring the best and most qualified candidate for a job opening in a timely and cost-effective manner

The current measures that have been put in place will see a change in the manner that the employment sector operates. We will see more remote working, more video-based interviewing and a shift to virtual on-boarding and online recruitment of new staff members.



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