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Kontak Recruitment, one of the leading recruitment agencies in South Africa, established in 2009 in Johannesburg, is a specialist recruiting company with a strong reputation in the employment market providing hiring and employment solutions and reliable recruitment services to companies hiring in finding the best possible employees to fill their available job vacancies. Our recruitment consultants act as the intermediary between the employer who is hiring and the job seekers who are looking for employment opportunities. Our core focus as recruiters is to deliver a hiring & staffing solution by simplifying the recruitment process and increasing the efficiency for hiring companies. A market leader in the employment and personnel industry for over 10 years in finding the right staff for permanent and contract jobs. Our Recruitment Agency provides a professional and reliable recruitment service.

Kontak Recruitment Agency is a dynamic and leading generalist employment and staffing agency. Professional recruitment services placing top staff & personnel with companies hiring in South Africa and Internationally for over a decade, recruiting and hiring staff in all employment sectors on all career levels for placements in permanent and contract job vacancies. Kontak Recruitment has been partnering with companies for over a decade to increase staff retention, reduce cost of hire and recruit for culture fit to aid organizations to achieve success by recruiting personnel where employee personality and company culture are in tune.

Kontak Recruitment believes in keeping the human element alive in human resources and recruitment. Providing a personalized and customizable recruitment solution for each company and still maintaining the human element by integrating technology AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) into our recruitment process. 

Recruitment Agencies & specialist Sourcers:

Recruitment Process
How does Kontak Recruitment Agency work?
Our recruitment agencies are hired by employers, who provide us with a list of their open job vacancies to source and place their personnel and staffing requirements:
  1. Conduct job analysis
  2. Recruitment plan
  3. Writing the job description
  4. Advertising the vacancy
  5. Recruit the position - Application screening, sourcing and headhunting
  6. Screening
  7. Interviews
  8. Background Checks
  9. Job Offer
  10. Hiring and on-boarding
Regional recruitment agency offices operating nationally and internationally

Our recruitment agencies recruit and hire across South Africa

Meet the Recruitment Leaders at Kontak Recruitment agency

Mel Muller
Recruitment Director

Angie Le Roux
Recruitment Manager

Hire Staff - Looking to recruit and hire
Companies hiring through Kontak Recruitment

Recruitment and hiring of staff is very time intensive, one of the benefits of using Kontak Recruitment as a recruiting agency is that we understand the hiring process and can effectively filter and screen candidates to secure the appropriate candidate for the job role. Kontak Recruitment is tasked to find candidates on behalf of the employer to fulfill their hiring requirements. Kontak Recruitment is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Johannesburg and has been partnering with employers in South Africa and internationally as their preferred recruiter for over 10 years to fulfill their recruitment and hiring of  the best personnel for their available job opportunities in various sectors. We assist companies that are looking to recruit and hiring new staff with their employment requirements by sourcing the best possible talent for their available job vacancies. 

Job Seekers -vacancies- Looking for employment
Job Seekers register with Kontak Recruitment

Potential candidates that are looking for a job can register their CV for free with our agency on our online job portal to view our current employment opportunities. Job seekers are able to browse our current available job listings and apply for jobs within our portfolio of clients for relevant vacancies in their preferred field of employment. We do not charge job seekers a registration or placement fee. It is important for job seekers to note that as part of our recruitment process we will conduct background checks including criminal checks and extensive referencing.

Job seekers should note that we do not find jobs for job seekers but that we work according to the open vacancies that employers have hired us to fill.  Job seekers can explore our agency listings for jobs available with companies who are hiring now.

Recruitment  Agency recruiting of staff both national and international for over 10 years in various industry sectors.


At Kontak Recruitment, we embrace the internet as an invaluable tool in our business and still believe in reviewing every candidate and ensuring that the prospective employer and employee match each other's criteria and prospects.

Our Recruitment consultants employ a personalized approach with regards to our candidates focusing on their needs and wants as well as a personalized approach with our clients in delivering an excellent staffing solution service. 

We aim at building long term relationships that are to the mutual benefit of all parties. Kontak Recruitment offers a responsible and personalized service to both clients and candidates. Our core focus as a recruitment partner of choice is to deliver a quality staffing solution that is efficient and satisfies the employment & skills need within companies needing to hire. Kontak Recruitment consists of two recruitment and staffing branches 100% female owned and BEE Level 4 respectively.

Kontak Recruitment has been assisting companies for over a decade to recruit IT and Telecommunications professionals. Our full stack recruiters have gained valuable experience and industry knowledge in headhunting for IT and telecoms staff. Our consultants have filled man information technology positions in a variety of industries with employers all over South Africa including Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and the surrounding areas.

As a sourcing firm, Kontak Recruitment started our journey in the niche field of accounting and finance recruitment, our very first placement being that of a Credit Manager. We have over the years expanded  our recruitment industries on request of employers needing to hire across all job sectors, evolving to a leading generalist recruitment agency with specialist niche  recruitment divisions.

Kontak Recruitment prides itself as one of the leading recruitment agencies within the admin and office support recruitment sector. Our Admin recruiters are committed to establish and maintain a positive difference in your hiring needs.

E Commerce, digital marketing and SEO is one of the fastest growing sectors in South Africa, with the scarcity of skills available in the job market, headhunting for the required skills has become vital. It has become essential in this job market to recruit passive candidates in creative ways.

Recruiting and hiring employees whose talents and skills and aligned with your business goals is crucial. Our HR recruiters develop and implement creative recruiting plans and strategies to fulfill your company's staffing needs. Our consultants have a  wide network with many HR professionals allowing your skills need to reach a larger audience.

Sales and marketing recruitment is vital in building a team that can take your business forward. If you are looking to achieve in sales and customer service or planning to enter new markets or just boost sales. Our recruiters have been placing top performing sales professionals and marketing executives across multiple industries.
Recruiting Agency south africa
Johannesburg, South AFrica
Kontak Recruitment one of the leading recruitment agencies in johannesburg
As one of the leading recruiting agencies within the employment industry our top Talent Acquisition Specialists and Recruitment Consultants have extensive experience within the recruiting industry and assist employers with the placement of contract, permanent,  freelance and graduate placements. Should you be looking to hire staff, submit a vacancy or contact our recruiting agency either online or via call, a recruiting agent will get in touch and discuss your recruitment requirements.

A Cover letter provides you with an opportunity to introduce yourself to the company or organisation. A cover letter is your chance to show your interest in the company or a specific vacancy, draw attention to your CV and to motivate the potential employer or recruiter to interview you.

An employment contract should be read in its entirely before being accepted. It is important to understand who is considered an employee and what the difference is between permanent, fixed term and an independent contractor.

The law in South Africa states that no agency or employer may charge a job seeker to apply or find a job. No legitimate recruiter will charge you to apply or register with their company. See tips on how to spot job scams.
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Employers and recruiters are hiring online. Brand yourself online to secure a job. Display your resume, search for jobs and enhance your professional reputation by posting updates.

The restraint of trade clause prohibits an employee from engaging with direct competitors or from competing with the business of the employer for a specific time period and within a certain geographical area.
Sick Leave - How much sick leave is an employee entitled to, when do you have to provide a medical certificate and what happens when medical certificates are obtained under false circumstances. Do you have to provide a medical certificate if you take sick leave on a Monday and Friday or the day before or after a public holiday?

Maternity leave is the period of time when an expecting mother takes off work and stops working to have and care for her new born baby, when do you have to let your employer know you are pregnant, how much maternity leave are you entitled to and how do you claim for maternity benefits.

Unfair dismissal and unfair labour practice: Understanding what a dismissal is, what unfair labour practice is, when a dismissal is considered automatically unfair, when a dismissal is fair and what substantive and procedural fairness is during dismissal.


The job interview is one of the most important steps in your job search journey, this is your chance as a job seeker to show the hiring manager or recruitment company that you are the right person for the job. Knowing how to prepare for a job interview is a vital step in your job search journey.

UIF – Unemployment Insurance Fund. What is UIF? What is the purpose of UIF? How much is contributed to UIF? How to declare UIF? Who can claim UIF? Who cannot claim UIF? How long can I claim UIF? How to claim UIF? Claim UIF online? Login and claim UIF online ufiling.






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