What does a recruitment agency do?


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Job Market News - What is the purpose of a recruitment agency?

What does a recruitment agency do?

A recruitment agency is a sourcing company that partners with employers to aid in the assistance of recruiting of talent to fill particular roles available within the organisation. The most common misconception about recruitment agencies by job seekers is that a recruitment agency finds work for job seekers and this is not the case.

A recruitment agency is hired by an organisation to specifically provide recruitment services to employers assisting the employer with the sourcing and placement process of hiring new staff. Recruiters manage the application and response handling on behalf of employers, they manage the employment cycle from the job specification writing, advertising of the job listing to the response handling and shortlisting of candidates. 

Recruiters will then facilitate the interviewing process and work as a middle man between the employers looking to hire and the candidates themselves. The final hiring decision is not that of the recruitment agency but that of the employer, the role of the recruitment agency is to facilitate the process of behalf of an employer.

The role of a recruitment agency is to look after the best interests of the employer, recruiters are looking for a candidate who is a good fit for the employer in terms of experience, culture fit etc.

Kontak Recruitment partners with employers looking to hire staff and facilitates the process on behalf of the employers. As a recruitment agency we do not find jobs for job seekers. Job seekers are however more than welcome to forward and register their CV with us and should we be able to assist you with a position that we have available with one of our potential employers we will most certainly try. 

It is important to note that at any given point in time the positions that we have available as a recruitment agency are the vacancies that have been outsourced to us by our clients.

Potential Candidates are welcome to forward their CV’s to us on  [email protected] and include in their email to us the sort of position they are looking for, which area/location they are looking for a position and what their salary expectation is. 

We will include your CV on our database and should we be able to match your CV to any of the positions that our client employers have available we will contact you to discuss. Please note registration for job seekers is free.




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