Quantitative Specialist - johannesburg


Kontak Recruitment is currently recruiting and sourcing on behalf of a financial services provider for a Quantitative Analyst to specialize in credit decision making. 

quantitative specialist(jb206) - post closed

Location of Job
Johannesburg in South Africa
Permanent Position
R1 Million - R1,1 Million Per Annum

Job Details


Mininum Experience


Company Primary Industry


 Job Functional Area

Financial Analyst

Quantitative Specialist (JB206)
Johannesburg, Sandton
R1 – R1,1 Million per annum
Kontak Recruitment is currently sourcing on behalf of a financial services provider for Quantitative Analyst to specialise in credit decision making
Job Purpose
To contribute to the development and maintenance of best practice models and assessment strategies in line with regulations (where applicable) in order to facilitate world class risk management.
Educational requirements:
Preferred Qualification
BSc (Actuarial Sciences) or BSc (Mathematical Sciences)
Minimum Experience Level
4 - 6 years Credit Risk Modelling skills. Must be able to build model.
Knowledge of Basel II
Job Responsibilities
Improved processes and culture
Managed Financial and Business Results
Managed Self
Managed Stakeholder Relationships
Managed Processes
Type of Exposure
Analysing and interpreting quantitative and qualitative data
Analysing situations or data that requires an in-depth evaluation of multiple factors
Answering customer questions
Building and maintaining effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders
Communicating complex information orally
Communicating complex written information
Comparing two or more sets of information
Conducting root cause analysis
Developing ways to minimize risks
Drafting reports
Executing strategy
Identifying fraud trends
Implementing and testing credit systems
Influencing stakeholders to obtain buy-in for concepts and ideas
Interacting with diverse people
Interacting with various levels of management
Managing multiple projects 


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