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Kontak Recruitment is a dynamic hospitality recruitment agency, collaborating with employers of all sizes, both in South Africa and internationally, in recruiting and hiring in the hospitality sector for over 10 years.


Hospitality Recruitment recruitment agency

Did you know that as an industry, the hospitality industry was born out of a casual arrangement between locals and weary travelers looking for a safe place to rest their horses and lay their heads, back then hospitality meant a basic meal and some ale. Today the hospitality industry continues to grow with new hospitality jobs being created every 2.5 seconds making it a vital sector of the world economy.

Hire and Recruit Hospitality Staff

Should your aim be to treat and care for your customers so they will continue to use your services, then hiring the right hospitality staff is crucial for the success of your business. Our consultants have been successfully recruiting for our clients within the hospitality industry since 2009, partnering with hiring managers of hotels, catering companies, lodges, casinos etc to determine and assist in hiring of their hospitality and hotel staffing.

Whether you are looking to hire housekeeping staff, restaurant or hotel personnel on any level for permanent, contract or temporary posts.Contact us and lets discuss on how we can partner with your hiring managers to determine and assist with your staffing needs.




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