6 free online digital marketing courses for digital marketers

6 Online Free Digital Marketing Online Courses to boost your digital marketing career 

The world is moving to digital, digital marketers need to enhance their skills and stay up to date with current trends and ensure that they are driving targeted traffic to the desired destination. Kontak Recruitment has put together a short list of free online courses for digital marketing enthusiasts to boost their digital marketing skills, career and enhance their CV.

6 free online digital marketing courses for digital marketers

The world is moving to digital, digital marketers need to enhance their skills and stay up to date with current trends and ensure they are driving targeted traffic to the desired destination. Kontak Recruitment has put together a short list of free online courses digital marketing enthusiasts to boost your digital marketing skills, career and enhance your CV.


Google Analytics Individual Qualification

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification is a highly specialized course providing you with the knowledge to understand google analytics to build effective digital marketing campaigns for your business. Google provides you with loads of study materials including google analytics for beginners and advanced google analytics. These courses are free courtesy of Google.


Google Ads Marketing Certification

This free course, Google Ads Marketing Certification, once again courtesy of google sheds light on the more complicated google ad topics expanding on topics of value proposition of digital advertising, building an ad campaign from the ground up and measuring metrics.


HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

The HubSpot Content Marketing Certification includes 12 courses which help you to learn and create content framework for consistently producing effective content. This course helps you to become a strong and strategic content marketer.

Diploma in E- Business

Diploma in E- Business

Alison is an online learning community with over 6 million registered users. The Diploma in E- Business is highly rated, in the free online course learn about the aspects of e-business and how to implement successfully e-business strategy. Learn how to create, design and monitor a website and attract more traffic to your website.

Google Digital Unlocked

Google Digital Unlocked

Google is hands down the most popular search engine in the world used by millions of individuals and businesses daily. Google Digital unlocked offers flexible and personalized training courses specifically designed to help digital marketer build a business strategy in the online world. Google Digital Unlocked has over 125 courses on offer.

eMarketing Institute

eMarketing Institute

The eMarketing Institute offers multiple free courses online for digital marketers to study the course material at their own pace.  Offering courses ranging from affiliate marketing, blogging, content marketing, ecommerce and numerous others.

E-commerce, digital marketing and SEO is one of the fastest growing sectors in South Africa. There is no doubt that the demand for internet and digital marketers has increased, take the time out to boost your skills, theses free courses will help digital marketers to prepare for the job market.  

A Cover letter provides you with an opportunity to introduce yourself to the company or organisation. A cover letter is your chance to show your interest in the company or a specific vacancy, draw attention to your CV and to motivate the potential employer or recruiter to interview you.

An employment contract should be read in its entirely before being accepted. It is important to understand who is considered an employee and what the difference is between permanent, fixed term and an independent contractor.

A list of the top 100% free online CV builders. Create a free and perfect CV online with ease. Build a competitive CV online with no design skills needed.

Employers and recruiters are hiring online. Brand yourself online to secure a job. Display your resume, search for jobs and enhance your professional reputation by posting updates.

The restraint of trade clause prohibits an employee from engaging with direct competitors or from competing with the business of the employer for a specific time period and within a certain geographical area.

Sick Leave - How much sick leave is an employee entitled to, when do you have to provide a medical certificate and what happens when medical certificates are obtained under false circumstances. Do you have to provide a medical certificate if you take sick leave on a Monday and Friday or the day before or after a public holiday?

Maternity leave is the period of time when an expecting mother takes off work and stops working to have and care for her new born baby, when do you have to let your employer know you are pregnant, how much maternity leave are you entitled to and how do you claim for maternity benefits.

Unfair dismissal and unfair labour practice: Understanding what a dismissal is, what unfair labour practice is, when a dismissal is considered automatically unfair, when a dismissal is fair and what substantive and procedural fairness is during dismissal.

The law in South Africa states that no agency or employer may charge a job seeker to apply or find a job. No legitimate recruiter will charge you to apply or register with their company. See tips on how to spot job scams.

With the unemployment rate at almost 30% in South Africa according to Stats SA, the South African economy has shed 2,2 million jobs in the second quarter of 2020. The importance of a well -structured and accurate CV must not be underestimated. Your CV is a marketing document and presentation is key.

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