Top free online cv makers


A list of the top 100% free online CV builders.

Create a free and perfect CV online with ease, edit your CV online for free. Makea competitive CV online with no design skills needed.

Top Free online CV maker and creator

A list of the top 100% free online CV makers, edit your CV online. Create a free and perfect CV online with ease. Build a competitive CV online with no design skills needed.

Your CV is the first and most important step towards your sought after new position. Kontak Recruitment has created a list of free online CV builders and creators to assist you in your job search.

Create a creative and unique resume with Canva for free. Canva has thousands of creative and visual resume layouts to choose from. The layouts are easy to edit and the best part is it is absolutely free. Impress recruiters with a resume full of strong visual elements


cvmaker allows you to create a beautiful and professional resume effortlessly with their simple interface. You are able to download your CV in various formats. Simple, quick and absolutely free!

CoolFreeCV has modern CV templates for free. This CV builder website was specifically created for the unemployed looking for a job. On the CV creator website you will find CV templates that can be edited and downloaded free of charge.


VisualCV has professionally designed CV templates. This CV builder website allows you to import your LinkedIn profile and edit your CV absolutely free.


Templates on this website have been created in cooperation of Graphic Designers and Human Resource Specialists. Every template has customization fonts, section placement, icons and skill level. Create and download your CV for free with CraftCV.


Your complete resume, all for free! Get a resume template with that is based on what real employers want to see. Completed CV downloadable for free.



Generate a creative and professional CV online for free. Choose your favourite template from the fully customization selection and generate your CV in PDF format for free and ready to go!
An employment contract should be read in its entirely before being accepted. It is important to understand who is considered an employee and what the difference is between permanent, fixed term and an independent contractor.

The restraint of trade clause prohibits an employee from engaging with direct competitors or from competing with the business of the employer for a specific time period and within a certain geographical area.

How much notice must you give your employer and what is the difference between a 30 day notice period and a calendar month notice period.

A Cover letter provides you with an opportunity to introduce yourself to the company or organisation. A cover letter is your chance to show your interest in the company or a specific vacancy, draw attention to your CV and to motivate the potential employer or recruiter to interview you.

The law in South Africa states that no agency or employer may charge a job seeker to apply or find a job. No legitimate recruiter will charge you to apply or register with their company. See tips on how to spot job scams.

Employers and recruiters are hiring online. Brand yourself online to secure a job. Display your resume, search for jobs and enhance your professional reputation by posting updates.

A constructive dismissal is defined as a situation in the work place, which has been created by the employer, and which renders the continuation of the employment relationship intolerable for the employee to such an extent that the employee has no other option to resign.


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