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What is Human Resource Management ( HRM)?

Human resource management (HRM) is essentially managing people within the employer and the employee relationship.

What is recruitment?

Recruitment is the process of identifying, attracting, interviewing, selection, hiring and on-boarding employees.

What is recruitment in Human Resource Management (HRM)?

Recruitment is the first step in building an organisations human capital. The goal is to locate and hire the best candidates, on time and on budget.

Staff is a key factor to the success of an organisation. Effective use of your staffing resource results in a sustainable and competitive advantage for you business and simultaneously optimizes the value for your shareholders. Employees as a key factor to your business success need to be encouraged to reach their potential. Therefore attracting, retaining and developing the right people forms a critical focus for organisation success.

Human resource management involves the productive use of people in achieving your organisations strategic objectives and the satisfaction of the individual employee needs. An organisations Human resource ( HR) policies show its orientation towards people and play a major part in attracting and satisfying employees. The personality of the company or the company culture indicates the way in which things are done within an organisation. For the organisation to achieve success it is important that the individual employee personality and the personality  of the organisation are in tune with one another.

The Work or Job

An individual employee takes up employment with an organisation for the potential it offers to reaching personal goals within the organisation by supporting work and work potential.

The individual employee

Individuals are the focus of any organisation  to reach their objective achievement goals. Without people, an organisation cannot function and therefore employing the right people would be the organisations best use of its most important asset.

What does recruitment involve:

15 Essential steps of the hiring process:
  1. Identify the hiring need
  2. Devise a recruitment plan
  3. Write a job description
  4. Advertise the position
  5. Recruit the position
  6. Review applications
  7. Phone interviews and initial screening
  8. Interviews
  9. Applicant assessment
  10. Background checks
  11. Decision
  12. Reference check
  13. Job offer
  14. Hiring
  15. on-boarding

Our recruitment consultants have extensive experience within the employment sector including placement of permanent, contract, temporary and freelance jobs. Should you be looking to hire staff, submit a vacancy to our recruiters, who will get in touch and discuss your recruitment requirements. Job seekers can view our list of available vacancies within our portfolio of clients for relevant job opportunities in their preferred field of employment.






national and international employment agency

Johannesburg employment Agency

Kontak Recruitment is one of the leading generalist recruitment agencies in Johannesburg, with head office based in Gauteng, many employers list our agency as their first choice recruitment agency. Our recruitment agency offers an outsourced recruitment service to employers who are looking to hire permanent, contract, temporary, freelance or entry level/graduate staff. Our core focus as recruiter is to deliver a hiring solution by simplifying the recruitment process and increasing the efficiency for employers. 

Durban employment Agency

Kontak Recruitment is one of the leading generalist recruitment agencies with offices based in Durban. Our recruiters specialize in sourcing of staff across many industries on various career levels. Our recruitment consultants have a strong reputation in the employment market with both employers and job seekers which we strive to maintain. We office responsible external outsourced recruitment solutions to employers of all sizes in assisting with finding the right staff for permanent, contract, temporary and entry level jobs.

Cape Town employment Agency

Kontak Recruitment has been recruiting for employers for over 10 years. Our recruitment consultants are skilled recruiters who strive to deliver on your hiring requirement. We have been a market leader in the recruitment industry for over a decade in Johannesburg and have expanded to the Cape Town regions with offices based in the Eastern Cape. Our recruiters are committed to providing employers within the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and surrounding areas with the same level of service we have provided to our clients in Gauteng over the years.

list of employment sectors that we recruit in:

  • IT and Telecoms
  • Finance and Accounting 
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • Admin and Office Support
  • Human Resources
  • Graduate
  • Call Center
  • Manufacturing and Logistics
  • E Commerce, Digital Marketing and SEO


Employers looking to hire staff 

At Kontak Recruitment we offer a recruitment service to employers assisting with the full employment cycle. Our recruiters manage the recruitment process including job specification writing, advertising the job listing and response handling through to the offer and acceptance stage of employment including after placement service. Contact us for more information on how we can assist your company with your employment needs.


Job seekers

Job seekers are welcome to view our current job listings on our free online job portal to find employment and recruitment opportunities within their preferred field of work. Job seekers can register their CV with us, this is free to job seekers. Additionally Kontak Recruitment offers a Professional CV writing service to job seekers to ensure that their CV remains current, fresh and modern.





Kontak Recruitment is a proudly South African employment and recruitment company which is 100% woman owned and has achieved a Level 4 BEE status.


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