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Kontak Recruitment Agency is a recruiter in Johannesburg and endeavours to take all reasonable measures to ensure that the potential candidates referred to you as the employer meet your employment requirements. Contact us for customized recruitment needs.


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Kontak Recruitment works on a contingency basis allowing for fees to be payable once a placement is made  with a successful start coupled with a 3 month month guarantee period.

Our recruitment agency is registered with the Central Supplier Database and is a BEE Level 4 contributor.

We look forward to assisting you with hiring of your staff. We do assist with hiring of personnel on all career levels in various employment sectors.

Our core focus is to deliver a staffing solution which simplifies the recruitment process for you, our focus is quality and we strive to present the most efficient and integrated way of satisfying the skills need within your organisation.

Our employment agency has successfully carved out a substantial market in the recruitment industry. Our recruiters specialize in contract and permanent placements and recruit nationally for employers in South Africa.

We are a proudly South African Recruitment Agency registered with the Central Supplier Database and a BEE Level 4 Contributor.

Our professional recruitment consultants manage the recruitment process closely to ensure that we source, identify and screen your potential employees within the agreed deadlines. Kontak Recruitment provides expert recruitment solution through our qualified recruitment consultants.

Some of the employment industry sectors that we have successfully recruiter for include:

Accounting and Finance, Administrative, Agriculture, Marketing and Communications, Hospitality, Human Resources, Information Technology, Business and Analysis, Insurance and Investment, Legal, Management and Executive, Sales as well as technical etc.


As a recruitment agency we have successfully recruited within the following:



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