Kontak Recruitment is a dynamic recruitment agency in South Africa, collaborating with employers of all sizes, both in South Africa and internationally, in all recruitment sectors for over 10 years. Recruitment Agency contact numbers and email addresses.



Kontak Recruitment Office Numbers:

011 431 3542 

010 013 0242


Kontak Recruitment Email Addresses:

Employers:   [email protected]

To register your CV[email protected]

(please note that this is for registration directly onto our database, we are not able to respond to emails received this email address, you will however receive a confirmation email from the ATS to confirm your registration)

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Staffing Agency

Our professional recruitment consultants manage the recruitment process closely to ensure that we source, identify and screen the best potential employees within the agreed deadlines. Kontak Recruitment provides expert recruitment solutions and have long standing relationships with our internal recruiters as well as our clients.

Why use our recruitment team:


Kontak Recruitment is a dynamic recruitment agency with a team of specialist recruiters offering employers a cost effective recruitment solution. Our recruiters provide superior client support. All advertising, response handling, pre-screening and initial interviewing is done for you. Background checks and references are conducted. Submit your vacancy to us

Job seekers

It is important for job seekers to note that Kontak Recruitment sources potential employees on behalf of employers. Our role as a recruitment agency is to find the best possible candidate for the job and present this candidate to the employer. Kontak Recruitment does not look for jobs for job seekers and we do not make the final hiring decision. Our purpose as a recruitment agency is to look after the best interests of the employer and therefore we are looking for the best for the employer, our recruiters are looking for candidates that will be productive and become an integral part of the employers team and build a relationship that will be beneficial to both employee and employer.  Job seekers can view our current job listings or email their CV to [email protected] or apply online through the job portal to ensure that their CV is registered with our recruitment agency.

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Recruitment - the process of identifying, attracting, interviewing, selecting, hiring and on-boarding employees.


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