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Production Manager (Glass and Aluminium)(MKT444)

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Production Manager (MKT444)


R20000 – R30000 per month


The Production Manager is responsible for day-to-day production within the glass and aluminium factory.  Knowledge in the following are compulsory: (This is no means an exhaustive list)

All the aluminium profiles

Assembling of aluminium frames and aluminium doors

Shopfronts, curtain walls, sliding stacking doors

CNC Machine (Operating and programming)

Working with the Draughtsman and Estimators to ensure accurate ‘Cutting Slips’

Conduct daily quality checks on all profiles leaving production to site


Supervises, motivates, and supports the staff daily, applying a team approach and maintaining open communication. The Production Manager plans, schedules, strategizes, and oversees all production activities while continually building sales and maintaining profitability.

The Production Manager performs essential functions to ensure overall customer satisfaction and quality service, and establishes and maintains effective communication with employees and clients. The Production Manager is responsible for the effective and efficient planning and scheduling of personnel and equipment to reduce bottlenecks and problems.

As the Production Manager and the leader of the Production Team, you are accountable for meeting the department production and quality goals, as well as playing a key role in meeting the companywide profitability and customer satisfaction goals:

Guarantee satisfaction and value for our customers.

Contribute to a work environment that fosters pride in being part of a winning    team and promotes personal growth.

Maintain personal productivity and quality standards that make possible attractive financial returns so that the company may continue to provide our excellent service to our customers and ensure job security and career growth for our staff.

Maintain a positive department attitude and ensure that all employees under your supervision are aligned with the company goals.

Desire and ability to successfully lead others.


You and your team are responsible for supporting the company vision and mission. Because you will be in contact with current and prospective customers, and you are in a strong position to influence their satisfaction and our company prosperity, this position requires tact, sensitivity, and professionalism.


Responsibilities and Duties:

General and Administrative:

Maintain a professional appearance that reflects the company’s commitment to quality, continuous improvement and respect for individuals.

Supervise the Production Team to produce and prioritize jobs and, when necessary, reorganize to meet deadline changes and updates.

Comply with all OSHA safety requirements.

Communicate effectively with the General Manager/Owner, the Sales Team, and the Production Team, informing and updating them regularly to guarantee that production, sales, and customer objectives are met.

Working with the Draughting and Estimating office and assist them with any enquiries relating to production and the flow of production.

Follow systems and procedures outlined in the company manuals. Ensure   Company policies & procedures are followed.

Meet all assigned goals and assist others in accomplishing their goals.


Production Operations:

Meet all customer commitments through the production of timely, efficient and high-quality products and service.

Maintain Order Entry discipline.

Take possession of jobs.

Assures all work entered into production follows the order entry standards and procedures.

Approve exceptional or extraordinary jobs and specifications.

Update and maintain production schedule.

Assist with estimating. 

Organize workflow according to workload to meet delivery schedule and to complete assigned jobs.

Maintain production control records and provide information to sales representatives, customers and management with regard to delivery dates, schedules and operating problems.

Develop, manage and maintain an automated workflow system that interfaces order entry, prepress, and digital and print production

Coordinate and maintain the order entry standards and procedures for the company.

Coordinate and schedule for prepress/digital training relating to the digital standards and procedures.

Schedule, plan and conduct Morning Production Meetings.

Prepare, update, and communicate the production schedule.

Oversee all staff scheduling, time off requests and overtime.

Manage the coordination and control of all jobs/work orders.

Monitor quality, accuracy, and timeliness of all orders to ensure customer commitments are met through production of high-quality material that meets customer delivery expectations.

Assures all staff has the resources, software applications and information to perform their function.

Ensure the completion of all duties with a minimum of waste and abuse to equipment.

Ensure employee safety training is conducted as required by Company Policy.

Perform the functions of the General Manager/Owner in the General Manager/Owner’s absence.


Production Personnel:

Initiate hiring when needed to cope with expanding workload or for replacement of substandard employees.

Provide a positive, motivating example for employees.

Conduct training or authorize training of production employees.

Conduct formal performance reviews per company policy.

Initiate disciplinary measures according to company policy when needed and dismiss production employees when all corrective attempts have failed.


Equipment and Supplies:

Schedule, delegate, and ensure performance of all equipment maintenance following maintenance procedures. Maintain maintenance logs.

Assure a backup of all work in progress and archived completed work is done in a timely manner

Coordinate and manage all inventory supplies to ensure minimum waste

Receive and purchase materials.

Inform the General Manager/Owner of equipment and production problems.



Please email Cv to [email protected] and quote MKT444 in the subject line

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