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National Operations Manager (MKT199)

Posted by Kontak Recruitment on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 Under: Telecommunications

National Operations Manager (MKT199)
R80 – 100 000.00 pm (Cash component); cell allowance (if no cell is given)


Benefits: Medical Aid – Company contributes 2/3 of the cost (66.67%), the employee contributes 1/3 of the cost (33.33%). Vitality is additional, not paid by the Company and is paid by the employee and processed as a deduction.

Provident Fund – Company contributes 10% of the employee’s cash component, no contribution is made by the employee.

Funeral benefit – Company contributes R 20.00; no contribution is made by the employee.

Insurance benefit - Company contributes 1.66% of the employee’s cash component, no contribution is made by the employee.

Petrol card that includes fuel, maintenance and toll gates (travel for work purposes only)

Degree in project management
5-10 years Project management experience, with at least the last 5 years in Telecommunication
Management of large teams
Manage and direct operations team to achieve business targets (including planning team)
Hire the appropriate staff required for operations with management approval
Allocation of operations team to achieve business targets
Ensure accuracy on project plans
Build strong relationships by addressing customer issues and complaints in a timely manner
Work in compliance with company policies and procedures
Provide operational support and guidance to staff
Reporting on achieving of the overall company objectives
Forecasting of works to be completed and reporting thereof
Reporting on project progress
Reporting on project completion – timelines, profitability, quality, health & safety, challenges and victories etc.
Establish and maintain appropriate systems to monitor, evaluate and report on all operational activities Assist in developing and maintaining operating procedures on operational activities
To continuous monitor and improve the overall performance of the department
Ensure that invoice packs are complete and submitted timeously for invoicing
Ensure that quotes and invoices are correct and free from error
Ensure that communication between the warehouse and operations regarding stock requirements are taking place
Ensure that company resources are managed properly in the department
Ensure that the Site Managers/ Sub-Contractor has all the statutory requirements
Disciplinary action required
Hiring of new staff
Ensuring that project targets are met
Liaise with clients on technical solutions
Manage civils and fibre teams / project managers
Ensuring that fibre tests and reports are correct
Ensuring that health, safety and quality standards are met or exceeded and maintained at all times, this being critical and a major priority 
Taking necessary action on operations team and contractors when health & safety is jeopardised in any way
Looking out for new opportunities for new business 
Auditing and ensuring that project managers audit sites where our product is being installed
Managing and Evaluating Sub-Contractor base is efficient for work load 
Ensure that Sub-Contractors meet or exceed our audit requirements 
Taking disciplinary action on operations team where and when required

Please email CV to
[email protected] and quote MKT199 in the subject line
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