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Jnr Digital Marketing Manager

Posted by Kontak Recruitment on Wednesday, January 8, 2020 Under: Sales and Marketing

Jnr Digital Marketing Manager (KMT025)
R18000 - R20 000 per month

A flare for utilising your graphic designer background to envision and create designs, brochures, posters, promotions etc., which match the quality and distinction of our products, needs to be linked to your experience in marketing in a retail environment with the opportunity to combine these to enhance the demand for our brand.
Desired Experience & Qualification
Must have:
A retail marketing background
Be familiar with retail advertising strategies
Bring a vision to fruition
Experience in creating appropriate designs of advertising/marketing material aligned to a brand
Analytical /research skills to determine what works and what does not
A tertiary qualification in graphic design and/or marketing
An understanding of market trends and market segmentation
Independence of thought but flexible enough to listen to other’s opinions
Duties & Responsibilities
Passion is what should drive you to fulfil the following:
Create and implement a marketing strategy
Conduct and utilise research of customer spending and sales trends
Organise, implement and analyse special promotions
Organise, implement and analyse outcomes of promotions and advertising
Seek new methods to enhance sales
Have an existing and create a new network of contacts to create awareness of the brand
Have a good knowledge of suppliers of printing/packaging and other materials
Demonstrate the ability to design appropriate advertising material for store presentation using your graphic design experience.
Build on customer relationships by introducing in store data to promote loyalty towards our brand
Improve and encourage relationships with agents and assist them with product marketing.
Establish good working relationships with the shop assistants to promote co-operation and buy in of all marketing/advertising endeavours.

Please email CV to [email protected] and quote KMT025 in the subject line
Or apply online at

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