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Curriculum Designer and Developer (MKT153)

Posted by Kontak Recruitment on Monday, April 8, 2019 Under: Academic

Curriculum Designer and Developer (MKT153)
R462 000 per annum

Inherent requirements:
A relevant teaching diploma/degree in the field of education.
Three (3) years' teaching experience, including curriculum design and development and writing of study materials on a higher education level.
Valid driver's licence.
Duties and responsibilities:
Conceptualise new qualifications or short learning programmes of the Campus as member of the task team.
Mentor subject matter experts in the design and development of interactive academic materials for distance learning.
Assist, coach, mentor and regulate all academic work of mainly ad-hoc authors/subject matter experts (SME).
Give guidance and lead on trending and best distance methodologies.
Coach mode of writing (distance mode), assessment and marking tools appropriate for the specific programme.
Lead, oversee, guide and mentor the SMEs work regularly and timeously and manage different work schedules as part of bigger project.
Adapt learning material and formal assessment in conjunction with SME after moderation.
Assist the team responsible for the digitisation of materials, as expert in the choice of suitable methodology for teaching and learning.

Please email CV to [email protected] and quote MKT153 in the subject line
Contact Veronica on 083 630 4653

In : Academic 

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