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Guide to writing a CV for the South African job market

March 18, 2019

Guide to writing a CV for the South African job market

One of the factors to consider when job hunting is your CV. CV formats vary widely from country to country, if you want your job application to be taken seriously, your CV needs to follow the right layout.

Step 1 – Include a photograph

As a recruitment agency we are often asked if job seekers should include a photograph on their CV. We would highly recommend that you do include a photo on your CV, many employers are of the opinion that a CV with a photo provides a more complete representation of the application and lets them make a connection with the person in a way that’s easier than just scanning words on paper.

Step 2 – Include a Summary on your CV

First include your name on your CV. Remember to include a summary statement. The focus on this section should be to inform the employer in a clear and concise manner what it is you have to offer the company. Use this space to inform the employer of your expertise and skills. Demonstrate what your abilities are and where your main areas of expertise lie. Try to include something that makes you unique from others applying for the same role.

Step 3 – Include personal information

Area of residence (not full address)

Data of birth (not full ID number)

Contact number

Email address

LinkedIn Profile link (Optional)


Other information you can include: if a job requires you to drive you will probably want to assure them you have a valid driver’s license. Web/Graphic designers may want to include a link to their online profiles.


Step 4 – Include Employment History


Include the company Name

Include duration of employment (May 2009 – May 2019)

List your previous jobs in chronological order from the most recent employment first. Be factually correct, highlight your achievements and include your reasons for leaving


Step 5 – Include Education Section

The essential information to include in the education section is your degree(s) and the school attended

Step 6 – Include professional skills

Include professional skills such as your computer literacy include MS office suite as well as an specialised packages such as pastel, Ghost convey etc.

Step 7 – Include References

In your reference section it is essential to include details of persons whom you directly reported to


Referee designation

Referee Name

Referee designation

Contact number (Landline numbers is always preferable)


Wishing you all the success in your job search!

Watch our video on how to construct a Good CV


What does a Recruitment Agency do?

March 12, 2019

What does a Recruitment Agency do?


A recruitment agency is a sourcing company that partners with employers to aid in the assistance of recruiting of talent to fill particular roles available within the organisation. The most common misconception about recruitment agencies by job seekers is that a recruitment agency finds work for job seekers and this is not the case.


A recruitment agency is hired by an organisation to specifically provide recruitment services to employers assisting th...

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Top Tips to spot a Job Scam

February 27, 2019

Top tips to spot a job scam.

A job scam is when a person poses as an employer by placing an attractive job advertisement requiring a job seeker to pay a certain sum of money or to fax documentation to the said person or fax number provided. Once your payment or fax has been received, the scammer disappears, you are out of your money and still without a job.

Ways to spot a job scam:

Job advertisements or interviews requiring payment -  steer clear of adverts or interviews requiring payment....

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Job Search Fatigue.. Tired of job hunting

February 10, 2019

Job search fatigue is real

Whether you are working or unemployed, job searching can be very exhausting. After submitting literally hundreds of job applications with absolutely zero response, no feedback or the occasional rejection email, job fatigue is real and is a mix of physical and emotional exhaustion. Leaving job seekers with frustrations, lack of results and on the verge of giving up and waiting for a miracle to happen.

How do you know if you are experiencing job search fatigue?

You f...

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What to consider when job hunting

February 8, 2019

What to consider when job hunting

With the unemployment rate at 27.5% in South Africa according to a Stats SA announcement on the 30th October 2018 which is an increase from the 27.2% rate announced at the end of the second quarter of 2018, the importance of a well-structured and accurate CV must not be underestimated. Your CV is a marketing document and presentation is key.

Your CV is your first and most important step towards your sought after position. The job market will judge you by yo...

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Restraint of Trade

February 8, 2019

Restraint of trade – Friend or foe

In many cases job seekers have landed their dream job only to be presented with a restraint of trade agreement as part of their condition of employment. The agreements are often signed under the false impression that they are not enforceable.

A restraint is specifically designed to protect the interests of the employer, they put this agreement in place to protect their customer relationships and intellectual property. The clause prohibits an employee fro...

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What you need to know about Employment Contracts

February 8, 2019

Types of employment contracts – what you need to know

According to Vermeulen Attorneys the primary employment related issue that they are most often approached with by employees is that of fixed terms contracts.  Attorney, Chante Mouton says that employees often don’t read or understand the terms of their employment contracts before accepting resulting in them wanting to lay a grievance against an employer.

An employment contract should be read in its entirety before being accepted. It...

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